General Studies Weekend Prelims Special

GS Prelims + CSAT + GS Prelims Test

GS Weekend Prelims Special is a comprehensive General Studies programme for UPSC prelims preparation. The programme has been specially designed for busy working professionals, College/University students and married aspirants. The classes would run on Saturdays and Sundays every week. The programme provides stimulating classroom sessions for UPSC prelims syllabus comprising of History, Art & Culture, Geography & Environment, Indian Polity, Economy, Science & Technology, Foreign Affairs and Current Affairs. Other dynamic topics attracting national and international attention will also be covered. UPSC preliminary examination has undergone extensive change in the recent past in terms of dynamic nature and difficulty level of the questions and questions are being asked from unexpected topics of national and international importance. The programme is carefully articulated keeping in mind the wider coverage of all relevant topics.

Programme Features

  • 110+ sessions on extensive course coverage for GS Prelims and CSAT (2 days/week for 5.5 months)
  • Time-bound intensive coverage before UPSC prelims
  • Strategically crafted study material incorporating latest trends
  • Foundation classes covering the basics
  • Current Affairs sessions with focus on topics of national and international importance
  • Prelims Test Series constituting multiple choice questions compatible with UPSC

Discounted fee for Offline Registrations: INR 50,000 (incl. of all taxes)

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