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Wish to join the Indian Police Service (IPS) and create a lasting positive influence on society? Look no further than IQCivils IAS Academy, the Top IPS Coaching in Guwahati. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to nurturing future IPS officers, we provide unparalleled coaching that equips you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in the demanding IPS examination.

Unleashing the Power of Top IPS Coaching in Guwahati

  • Expert Faculty, Expert Guidance:
    At IQCivils, we understand that the quality of faculty plays a pivotal role in your IPS preparation. Our academy boasts a team of highly experienced and dedicated faculty members who are renowned experts in their respective fields. They bring their vast knowledge and expertise to the classroom, providing you with comprehensive coaching that goes beyond the conventional approach. With their expert guidance, you receive personalized attention and gain a deep understanding of the IPS syllabus.
  • Customized Coaching, Tailored for Success:
    We believe in the unique strengths and aspirations of each IPS aspirant. As the best IPS institute in Guwahati, we offer customized IPS coaching programs tailored to your specific needs and learning preferences. Our faculty members provide personalized guidance, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and deliver targeted support to maximize your potential. With our student-centric approach, you receive coaching that fosters holistic development and ensures your success in the IPS examination.
  • Cutting-Edge Infrastructure, Inspiring Learning Environment:
    At IQCivils IAS Academy, we provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and a modern learning environment that fuels your IPS preparation. Our classrooms have the latest audio-visual aids, creating an engaging and interactive learning atmosphere. Additionally, our library houses an extensive collection of reference materials, journals, and periodicals to supplement your studies.
  • Comprehensive Study Material, Current Affairs Focus:
    To achieve excellence in the IPS examination, it is crucial to have access to superior study materials that comprehensively cover all aspects of the syllabus. At our IPS coaching in Guwahati, our team of experienced faculty members diligently curates comprehensive study materials. These materials encompass the entire IPS syllabus, powerfully grounding all subjects. Furthermore, our focus on current affairs ensures that you stay overhauled with the latest news and events, enabling you to relate them to the IPS syllabus effectively.
  • Rigorous Mock Tests, Performance Evaluation:
    Diligent practice is paramount to achieving success in the IPS examination, and at IQCivils, we wholeheartedly acknowledge its significance. Our academy provides rigorous mock tests and practice papers that faithfully replicate the IPS exam environment. These valuable assessments enable you to evaluate your knowledge, pinpoint your strengths and areas that require improvement, and enhance your time management and problem-solving abilities. Moreover, our comprehensive performance evaluation and feedback system further augment your progress.
  • Interview Preparation, Personality Development:
    The IPS interview holds immense significance within the selection process. At IQCivils IAS Academy, the best IPS coaching in Guwahati, we prioritize your thorough preparation to face it confidently. Our academy offers specialized interview preparation sessions and comprehensive personality development programs tailored to this phase. These highly-focused sessions concentrate on refining your communication skills, fostering self-confidence, and cultivating a winning persona. Through simulated mock interviews and expert guidance, we equip you with the indispensable abilities required to excel in the final stages of the IPS examination.

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Join IQCivils IAS Academy and experience the best IPS coaching in Guwahati. By enrolling today, you can unlock your true potential, expand your knowledge, and strive to become a proficient IPS officer. Reach us to schedule a counseling session, taking that crucial first step towards transforming your aspirations of joining the IPS into a remarkable reality.

IAS coaching in Guwahati

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Experience the best IAS coaching in Guwahati at IQCivils IAS Academy. Initiate your journey towards achieving greatness by enrolling in our coaching program today. Feel free to reach us to arrange a counseling session and explore how our comprehensive coaching approach can help you turn your aspirations into remarkable accomplishments.

There are 20 + Coaching Institutions in Guwahati for UPSC Civil Services Examination. IQCivils IAS Academy is considered as not only the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Guwahati but one of the best coaching Institutes in India for the following reasons:

Oldest UPSC Coaching Institution in Guwahati
Best IAS Coaching in Guwahatia is the oldest, most trusted & result-oriented brand for UPSC Coaching in Guwahati for the last 15+ years. It has produced 300+ successful candidates in UPSC CSE.
Nationally renowned Faculty Members from Delhi
A large pool of dedicated and qualified faculty members with vast experience in the IAS examination, walk the extra mile to ensure that IAS aspirants are imparted with the best quality of education for Civil Services Exams.
Novel Teaching Approach
Scientifically designed, holistic, novel, innovative, and regularly updated teaching methodology according to latest UPSC CSE exam pattern ensures perfect coaching thereby generating excellent classroom discussions.
Integrated Testing System
To ensure success, IAS aspirants undergo rigorous training. They are exposed to diverse Mock Test segments -Regular Class Mock Tests, Current Affairs Mock Tests, Full-Length Mock Tests, and All India Open Mock Tests.
Comprehensive Study Material
Resources are curated by domain experts and regularly updated according to the latest Examination pattern of the UPSC Civil Services Exam which helps in empowering the IAS aspirants with an in-depth understanding of the entire
Free Motivational Sessions
IQCivils IAS Academy regularly conducts seminars/webinars namely ‘Toppers’ Talk, IQCivils IAS Academy ‘ by Senior IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS Officers and it’s successful candidates in the IAS exam.
Personalized Attention
IQCivils IAS Academy provides after-class doubt-clearing sessions. It provides a personalized mentorship program, free of cost, to IAS aspirants who have enrolled themselves.
Enabling Infrastructure
It has well-lit and spacious air-conditioned classrooms with a library facility. It has advanced infrastructure for online IAS coaching in Guwahati.
Affordable Fees
IQCivils IAS Academy provides the best UPSC IAS guidance at a very affordable Fee Structure. Installment Facility is available.

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      Courses Offered by this best IAS coaching in India – IQCivils IAS Academy


      These courses are preparation pathways for fresh civil services IAS aspirants aimed at laying the right foundation according to the demand of the civil services exams.

      1 YEAR PRELIMS CUM MAINS INTEGRATED COURSE An ideal program to provide World-Class Holistic Training to aspirants (working professionals as well as graduates) for all the stages of the CSE
      TWO YEARS FOUNDATION COURSE One of the best IAS Coaching Institutes in India IQCivils IAS Academy provides a single unified 360- degree guidance program meticulously designed for students (3rd year and final-year ongoing graduates) and working professionals who want to start preparing early and beat the competition.
      THREE YEARS FOUNDATION COURSE A one-of-a-kind guidance program meticulously planned for continuous guidance to early birds (1st year and 2nd year ongoing graduates)
      DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAMME This is a carefully designed study approach with the aim to bridge the gap between source of information and the learners and to help IAS aspirants who are not able to join classroom classes get the expertise & proficiency of one of the best IAS Coaching Institutes in India IQCivils IAS Academy at the comfort of their home.
      OPTIONAL COURSES Best IAS Coaching in Guwahati offers such subjects, which have maximum syllabus connection and strategic relevance with the compulsory papers of GS, through meticulously designed courses to ensure content differentiation, score enhancement and completeness of coverage.

      Course Characteristics of this best IAS exam preparation in Guwahati

      • Extensive and in-depth coverage of Prelims, Mains, and Optional Subject Syllabus one month before the exams with latest IAS exam pattern. Guides you thoroughly on which subject is best for IAS
      • Basic Concept Building from the scratch.
      • Undivided attention by Personal Mentor for UPSC CSE preparation in Guwahati.
      • Separate Doubt Clearing Sessions in these best IAS coaching centers in Guwahati.
      • Weekly Current Affairs Sessions.
      • A to Z resources, Journals, Reports, and Policy Summaries.
      • Blueprint for Answer Writing Strategy. Dedicated Practice Sessions.
      • National Level Mock Tests designed by India’s top-notch professionals. [Offline + Online].
      • Interview Guidance in Guwahati.
      • Structured assignments, follow-ups, and evaluations throughout the year.
      • Weekly evaluation of progress made. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses.
      • Provision to sit in the library and study rigorously in a controlled environment.
      • Prompt grievance redressal mechanism at this coaching center in Guwahati.
      • Concrete support till success for IAS exam preparation in Guwahati.
      Who We Are ?

      With a venerable legacy and nationwide acclaim, IQCivils IAS Academy – the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Guwahati and Bhubaneswar is known for its highest academic standards, distinguished faculty, illustrious alumni, and modern infrastructure. IQCivils IAS Academy, the Best IPS Coaching Center in Guwahati was established in 2006, with the vision to be at the forefront of innovation and excellence and the mission of mentoring, nurturing, and creating Civil Servants for the nation.

      It started its journey with the mission of mentoring IAS aspirants and creating Civil Servants from Eastern India, however, within a decade, the Institution has succeeded in setting a benchmark by producing Civil Servants from across India. Today, IQCivils IAS Academy the Best UPSC Coaching near you has a pan-India presence (From Kashmir to Kanyakumari).The staunch commitment of one of the best IAS coaching institutes to nation-building and its inexorable constancy in academic standards and pedagogical best practices is reflected by the staggering results it has been producing year after year in West Bengal, in Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Police Services (IPS),

      Best UPSC CSE Coaching in Guwahati- IQCivils IAS Academy started its beautiful journey with the firm belief that “Everyone has the Power to Change the World” & today it has set a new benchmark by producing thousands of IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, WBCS, and OAS officers from across India. Also, UPSC Coaching in Guwahati IQCivils IAS Academy has been producing the highest number of IAS, IPS, IFS & IRS officers from Eastern India making it the Best IAS coaching center in Guwahati.

      What is IAS / UPSC Civil Services Examination ?
      The Civil Services Examination (CSE) is a national competitive examination in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for recruitment to higher Civil Services of the Government of India, including the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, and Indian Police Service. In simple terms it is referred to as UPSC examination, and is conducted in three phases: a preliminary examination consisting of two objective-type papers (General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper II also popularly known as Civil Service Aptitude Test or CSAT), and a main examination consisting of nine papers of conventional (essay) type, in which two papers are qualifying and only marks of seven are counted followed by a personality Mock test (interview).